The Top 4 E-Commerce Platform Categories

Imagine this:

You are selling clothes online yet your e-commerce platform you are operating on belongs to an electronic business. Do you think you will make killing sales? Of course not, however, your site will receive high traffics as people searching for electronics have a high probability of landing on it.

As you know, selecting a suitable location for your business is one essentiality to its success. Also, being in the same area with business people operating similar shops offers you an upper hand. This case applies equally on physical and online platforms.

If you are looking forward to establishing a successful online business, you must be conscious on the e-commerce platform you choose. Here are the four categories of platforms for e-commerce sites:

Open source platforms

If your desire to establish an online store but your budgets are on a fix? Or else, you cannot afford to pay monthly fees for an e-commerce platform? Worry not.

With the advancement in technology, developers have come up with open source platform that is free for use to any person stepping their foot in e-commerce.  If the above statement describes you, open sources such as Magneto’s Community and osCommerce are there for you.

 Using these platforms offers you an opportunity to get support from e-commerce community. Also, if you have any question, you do not have to struggle to get an answer.  However, the downside of the open source platform is; there are fewer customizations in comparison with others. Also, you do not get any customer support, and where available, it is insufficient. Another shortcoming is that you must install the platform on your server which is difficult at times.

Enterprise E-commerce platforms

If you are looking for a platform to host your fast-growing online venture, then the enterprise is the way to go. These platforms come with rich features that are fit for a fast-growing venture.  Also, they are flexible to meet your business needs meaning you can customize them depending on the items you will be offering. If you are looking for a way to woo and retain customers, these are the platforms to use in building your online venture.

 Furthermore, unlike the open source, enterprise e-commerce platforms come with a high customer support. Here you get a connection with a specialist to guide you through the process of launching and handling any challenge in your e-commerce website.  Also, there are video tutorials to help you sail through without any difficulty.

Despite these benefits, the cost of using the platforms is high. As such, it may not be affordable to many small e-commerce businesses.

Hosted E-commerce platforms

Is the maintenance cost a cause to worry when you think about e-commerce business? If your answer is yes, then hosted e-commerce platforms are the best choice for you. Since they are hosted, the developers undertake all maintenances. Also, you do not need to pay web hosting services as these platforms come with an already hosted site.

Here, you only deal with one company which saves your time and money.  Your responsibility is to pay a monthly fee and to upload the items you will be offering to the customers. If you are an upcoming entrepreneur looking for a platform that will minimize time wastage and cost, then hosted e-commerce platforms is the best suit for you.


In whole, apart from the type and ambitions of your online business, selecting an e-commerce platform is crucial. With the above information, you have an idea of the kind of platforms available for you. Now, you need to consider which of the above platforms best fits your business and budgetary limits.

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