How to Drive Your Online Store Conversions with Image Gallery Optimization

Visuals bring business in e-commerce as they make website entertaining as well as informative. It is a fact that end-user basically gets easily connected through visuals and understand graphics and info graphics much better than context for the most apparent reasons. Before putting images on website, they need to be optimized; this is good for two reasons. First of all it gives your visitors a good experience; in addition it keeps website loading fast which is ultimately favored by search engines.

To a high extent, people focus on content, backlinks and keywords wile optimizing their e-commerce sites. However, image optimization plays a great role in bringing traffic to your e-commerce store and help in elevating your conversion rates.

Following are some influential ways to boost sales by optimizing images:

  • An optimized image is basically a file that is made to be as small as possible so it can load rapidly in a web browser. Due to the fact that un-optimized images take longer time to load and bothers the audience each time they visit the site. Visitors will leave the website if loading time takes more than 10 seconds.
  • Add the zoom function on images of product to facilitate the user as it’s a physical product so people should imagine owning it and this would help them to buy. Also ensure to have the multiple angles of images to make people see more details of product.
  • High-quality and clear photos are preferred to flaunt the nominal details of an object, display well-off image coloration and help enhancing its zooming feature when amplified so no place for blurry images and blurry edges.
  • E-commerce website should offer an independent page to reserve all images of the site category wise. This would make buying easier for the end-user as it provides clear path to the shopping cart and increase the likelihood of them purchasing.
  • Product images should be proper aligned, straightened, cropped, re-sized, formatted and specify them descriptively. At the same time, make certain that your product displays all its colors purchasable for the customer.
  • Ideally show the product on static white background to give clean and simple look.
  • E-commerce stores that provide multiple dedicated pages, in this case lightbox would be helpful in keeping the customer on the same page and help in generating conversions for your store.
  • Create unique alt tags and descriptions for each image as it would help in SEO efforts over time and assist your product to appear in the search results better.

Make sure that your e-commerce store is optimized as it can be to help earn you money.

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