Improving Your eCommerce Store’s Conversion Rate Through Landing Page Design

Having an outstanding landing page designed for your website is one way to increase the online store’s conversion rate. If the page is engaging and user-friendly then it can result in a drastic boost in the number of returning customers user data signups. These signups can help compile market data and help design campaigns that target the type of customers your business attracts.

Two different types of landing pages are used to bring in more sales i.e. the lead generation page or the click through page.

Click Through

The click-through page contains descriptive product or service details. They are worded in such a way that the user is enticed to click through to the product page and make a purchase. It is based on the idea that someone who has read all the information written on the page is more likely to buy from the business.

Lead Generation

This type of landing page captures all data on the user such as their names, contact email addresses and other personal details such as age and location. The plan is to collect the information and use it to build a customer database for future marketing and promotional campaigns. The lead generation page contains a form that has to be filled out by the visitors to the page. However, people must be incentivized to give out their personal information in return for a free eBook, digital gift or any other item.

User Reviews

Another way to establish credibility of a business is by having previous customers write testimonials about the products they have bought or services received from your business. These customers should ideally be satisfied from the product or service. They can showcase the business in a positive light and raise conversion rates by convincing other people to also try out a certain product or business.

Eliminate Friction

There is always some friction on the page that prevents users from placing orders. These points can be removed such as extra fields in the lead generation form or too many pop-up advertisements. Usually shorter forms and a smooth website browsing experience translate into a larger conversion rate.

Add Cues

Visual cues such as arrows can be added to the website to gain the viewer’s attention. These provide visitors with the motivation they need to go to a certain product page or an article. This is followed by a call to action button which convinces users to complete the order.


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